I am drawn by the juxtaposition of precise geometric forms with natural, organic ones. When I look at the Golden Gate Bridge I see the triangles, rectangles and parabolas that create its strength, resilience, and stability. Simultaneously, I see the sparkle, reflections, shadows, and movement of the environs that no human designed yet are intrinsic to its beauty and to my aesthetic experience. I am guided by the same principles in creating fused glass.

I am particularly fascinated by the transformation of precise geometric arrangements into intricate organic patterns. I start by creating geometric patterns with pattern bars, edge construction or other related techniques. These become the components that transform organically in subsequent assemblies and fusing steps. The approach demands exactitude in the assembly and coldwork, yet the final result depends equally on the serendipity that can only happen unseen in the red glow of the kiln.

Glass is a magical material. Unlike ice or most metals, glass is an amorphous solid. It has no specific melting point but rather becomes softer and softer with increasing temperature. This simple property is the tool a fused glass artist uses in an infinite variety of techniques to produce personal and unique works of glass art.

Our studio, Creator Haven LLC, is located in Watsonville California. It is both a working and a teaching studio for jewelry, silver-smithing, and fused glass. For more information, visit https://CreatorHaven.com